Leverage for Change

We've all been to live workshops and training events where the topic of the meeting happens to be change. Many conversations can be overheard in the hallways at these all too often predictable events. One attendee says to another, "Sure, I love the idea of change...but...you go first!"

Yes, as business leaders we are faced with massive change every single day that we engage in this great game of business. We deal with laws, regulations, government, taxes, and of course, people. We have a tendency to get caught up in believing things won't change much more once a specific event or milestone happens.

The real truth however, reminds us time and time again that regardless of how good we're doing or how challenging things may be, current reality is a temporary state and it is absolutely certain to change. In my book, The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E., I teach a platform and strategy for helping you proactively change anything you want in your life and business. My philosophy is one that works for a lot of people, but this isn’t about my book, or my philosophy. This is about YOU accomplishing the changes you want!

There are thousands of books written about change and I've certainly read a ton of them as I continue to learn, grow, and implement new and effective strategies in my life and companies. If this information is so abundant and accessible, why is it that we resist change almost every time we face it? Why do we find comfort in the chaos of a current condition when making a few fundamental changes will improve our lives in any category: health, finance, relationships, etc?

I believe we are conditioned to want things to remain the way they are, even when that means a certain level of pain. I get calls all the time from contractors that have been struggling for a long time, but the pain hasn't been enough for them to create change and get a new result which is - the unknown.

What we find is the pain that we're already familiar with is more comfortable than embracing the perceived pain of the unknown. Let that sink in for a moment. Am I saying that even though I'm not getting the results I know are possible, I resist change because I don't know what will happen in the new unknown future? Yes, that's absolutely what I'm saying! I can reference examples in my own life and I’m sure you can too.

As you're reading this, I hope you realize how crazy this sounds when viewed with a logical perspective. Most of us know this "logically". However, our decisions are largely based on emotion and the strength of past conditioning can keep us completely hostage if we don't challenge old thinking.

Want to change something? Create more leverage!

As long as we continue to use what I call softeners, we’re destined to mediocrity. Softeners are the egos way of holding us back because, “things aren’t that bad…I’m not that fat…my techs show up most of the time…most contractors don’t make a lot of money…money is the root of all evil…this is just the way I am!” Read that last sentence again and see if ANY of these phrases or some similar cross your mind. I’m sure they do.

This isn’t about kicking your own butt for allowing a lesser result than you’re capable of. This is about recognizing that you’ve got more in you. You’ve got more to give. You’ve got talent stuck inside you that is dying to get out. It takes leverage to release your power. If you’re not getting effective results, be honest with yourself. Don’t get upset with yourself, just raise your standards. Decide you’ll no longer accept a less than desirable result in whatever it is you’re looking to change.

This takes a new level of conditioning, which means you need to practice change in order to re-wire your neurological system to embrace change. Be easy with yourself as you raise your standards to become the leader, family person, friend, spouse, or whoever you are shooting to become. You’ve got this, and we’re here if we can help!



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