It's Five O'clock Somewhere

A phrase that represents Jimmy Buffet followers everywhere, "It's Five O'clock Somewhere". What is it about this iconic phrase from a music and lifestyle legend that we seem to gravitate toward so much as a society?

Is it possible that we might not know how to really relax as business leaders? Have we gotten so busy with our companies, team member challenges, economic ups and downs and family obligation that we find ourselves longing for the ever so important strike of the clock that means it's 5pm and time to relax?

Does it take someplace special for you to relax? Do you need your man-cave (or woman-cave) in order to allow your mind to let go of the stress of what has become a normal day in your world? How does this happen?

I see this commonality all too often with progressive and forward thinking business owners. You've got the plan. Your people are counting on you to execute the next strategy to win. If it's going to be, it's going to be because of you, right?

How do you get a break? What's your island?

Recently, the lovely Christy and I spent a few days in a house we rented on Orcas Island in Washington State. We had wrapped up a week-long training event for a client north of Seattle, so we opted to grab a couple days of rest and relaxation on this gorgeous island.

For whatever reason, Orcas Island had a calming effect on me. From the moment I stepped foot off the Ferry, calmness seemed to wash over me and I knew we were meant to spend a few days of recharging in this amazing place. We began our little getaway with some hiking and hunting for sea glass on the beach that very afternoon.

On one of our hikes we ended up in the Moran State Park. As it turns out, this particular Washington State Park is named in honor of Robert Moran, the previous shipbuilder and once mayor of Seattle in 1888. Moran's career proved to be quite colorful and stressful over the years which I'll allow you to research on your own, but it is important we realize that due to the stress from his business, Robert Moran was given one year to live in 1905 at the tender age of 48.

Upon receiving this incredibly challenging news, Moran retreated to a mansion he had built on Orcas Island after the sale of his company in 1906. Once he was relieved from the daily stress of his business challenges, Robert Moran ended up living a rather full life which finally ended at the age of 86.

Why do you think it is that he was able to get healthy once he removed the external stress from his life? Was it Orcas Island or his mansion that saved him? I think we all know the answer to that question. Quite simply, the answer is NO! Orcas Island didn't save him. His fancy mansion didn't save him either.

His shift in mindset and what he focused on changed dramatically. Therefore his perspective and health shifted accordingly. We've all had similar experiences when it comes to vacation or a little sabbatical from the daily grind. Suddenly we feel calmer. We're able to sleep a little more sound. Some of our challenges feel a little more manageable than they did the previous week at the office.

How can we implement a strategy in our lives and businesses so we don't have to sacrifice our health, happiness, and personal relationships in order to build a business that is profitable and provides effectively for our chosen lifestyle?

What's your island?

For most of us, it’s an external place we long for. I’m challenging you this week to find “your island” during your busy work day. Ten minutes. Take a walk. Read 20 pages of a positive book. Listen to your favorite band. Change your inner state and your outer circumstances and perspective change immediately.


Check it out for yourself.


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