100% No more No Less

By John Burwell, Service and Sales Coach

Have you ever heard someone say, ''I give 110%", a 150%, or even 200%? We may have even said it ourselves. Take a moment to think about that.

The definition of 100% is being all or complete with/at something that is available to that thing or action. So if that is true how is it possible to make the above statement? To say we are more than 100% of capacity are we being realistic?

Let's look at this when we are at work . We fully expect a full days pay for everyday we work. If we don't bring 100% can your pay be adjusted to match what level you are in at? Of course not. This is can only be measured honestly by ourselves. Is it fair to say though that some days we are not at 100%. What ever the reason, from not feeling good to the things in everyday life that happen. Operating at full capacity or potential is a challenge.There are 2 things we can do to move closer to full capacity.

1. Do our very best. Set our intention at the beginning of the day and remind ourselves throughout the day. Doing this will help us keep our focus and drive the necessary actions. This will block the challenges from holding our attention and keeping us from where we want to be.

2. Take a break. There may be things going on in our life outside of work that carry over into our work day and impact our productivity and effectiveness. Can we really do anything about them while we are at work? Not if we want to maintain 100% focus. It's not possible to give your full attention when other things occupy our mind at the same time. Stop, take a break, deal with what needs your attention and return to work - fully focused.

We can look at this within ourselves as the leaders of our teams and we can coach our team members on this so that they can be all they can for themselves, their families, and for the customer.

Could the experience with the customer improve, could a KPI (key performance indicator) improve? When our focus improves our performance improves.

Challenge yourself and your team to know that 100% is all that is available and do what it takes to strive for that daily!


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