Your Opportunity is Stuck

Anytime business seems to slow down for whatever reason, it becomes all too easy to jump to conclusions and point to some outside reason regarding why things have slowed down. Certainly most businesses have some seasonality regardless of industry, even when it really doesn't make sense that they would be seasonal.

I've been engaged and involved in training some really bright front line people lately. I get the great opportunity to go onsite directly to the customer side-by-side with these great people and observe the levels of communication, questions, and suggested options that get mentioned.

Your opportunity is stuck and it's stuck between your ears. Anybody in any kind of sales has heard the mantra that you should never pre-judge a customer or situation, right? And yet, basically zero sales people actually subscribe to this philosophy. Why is that?

As human beings it is our nature to seek the path of least resistance. We want things to be easy, lucrative, fun and oh yeah, did I mention easy? In front line selling positions we see all different kinds of situations, people, and income levels. We take the brunt of upset customers, price complaints, and issues that are completely out of our control. This can be tiresome.

What happens when we grow tiresome?

We can get away from basic fundamentals. I'm a big proponent of continuously focusing on the fundamentals while we grow the higher skills in our positions. When a star player for a major league baseball team goes into a hitting slump, they don't take batting practice to focus on hitting home runs. No, they get in the batting cage and work on fundamental balance, swing plane, timing, and driving the ball for singles.

We should be focusing on the same thing. Many front line selling techs go into slumps when call counts slow down or calls that "seem" to have big potential aren't as plentiful. This is because they get away from the basics.

Basics like a phenomenal connection immediately in the call process. Basics like getting directly to the problem and not focusing on building trust and a strong relationship with the customer. Basics like listening effectively to all the valuable clues the customer gives them throughout the discovery process of the call.

Your opportunity is stuck in your head. If you don't think there are good opportunities right now, you are kidding yourself. You're minimizing your potential, the levels of customer service you provide, and certainly you are creating a very negative impact on your income. Sound like insanity? I know it does, because it is.

That's where I come in to remind you to get un-stuck, get back to the basics, and get your results either back to where they need to be, or even better, higher than they've been to this point!
Check out this week's video version below, just click the picture! (and make fun of the look on my face)

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