You Are Not Your Mistakes

Last week I posed the question for you regarding “What’s going well?” I went on to encourage you to look at areas you’re doing well and making positive strides to reinforce those behaviors, as well as bring that same effective strategic thinking forward to other areas of the business.

Anybody reading this right now has some “mistakes” in their past. Heck, I make what the world calls mistakes on a daily basis it seems, but I don’t view my mistakes the same as I was taught to view them as a younger person. Most of us are taught that mistakes are bad and we should avoid them at all costs. In my 20 years as a contractor and trainer in this industry, I can assure you that the only way to avoid making mistakes to stop doing things altogether.

Think about it. Would you rather take massive action on ten different things over a specific period of time and make mistakes on 3 of them, or not do anything and avoid making any mistakes? In this scenario you still had 7 things implemented that went well, and 3 other things you now have more experience at and perhaps learned a valuable lesson. It’s a simple fact that if you’re a mover and a shaker, you will make mistakes! I just choose to look at them as a learning experience rather than beat myself up for days, weeks, or months over something “I should have done differently”. Granted, this hasn’t always been my Method of Operation, but it sure serves me and my businesses better than previous thinking.
You are NOT your mistakes!

Several of my millionaire clients have bankruptcies in their past. Many of my clients that are growing rapidly and providing more jobs and value to their communities struggled for many years before “waking up and taking the medicine” as my mentor and friend Frank Blau so eloquently states regarding embracing a progressive mindset and action plan in the contracting business. Actually Frank says it with a bit more color, but you get the point. Once you embrace the fact that your mistakes don’t define you, the levels of success you can achieve become endless.

Your current reality will change.

Whether you’re having a “barn burner” of a year, or have had a bit of a challenging rebuilding type year in business, let’s also be clear that whatever you current situation might be, it will change moving forward. This is not something to fear, but rather something to embrace. At our live training schools, I train and coach technicians in depth on this concept all the time. We seem to think if things are great, they’ll stay that way, or if things are very difficult, they will remain this way forever. Either way, current reality will change for the better or worse. Whether a certain thing goes good or bad in the future is completely tied to the choices and decisions you make, as well as what actions you take.

Simply put, you choose your new business reality with decision after decision, day after day. In my book The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E., I talk at great length about habits. These are critical to examine with your front line selling technicians as well. You either get up at 5am and read some good information or listen to an audio book, or you sleep in. Each of those choices has a consequence.

There is sacrifice involved either way. You’ll find that you either sacrifice some things to achieve your goals, or you sacrifice the life and business you could have by sacrificing your goals. If you’ve got to sacrifice either way, why not sacrifice a few things along the way so you can achieve the life you desire?



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