Show Me The Enthusiasm

Most of us have a memory of, and in most cases, a pretty fond memory of the great movie entitled Jerry Maguire, where there was one special phrase coined. “Show me the money!” Cuba Gooding, Jr. played a great role and when it was time for a contract renewal, he would shout out, “Show me the money” along with Tom Cruise’s character who was his agent in the movie.

This week I’m not going to speak about money or profits, but I want to set a challenge for you as you wrap up the final days of a wonderful 2013. I’d like to shout to you “Show me the enthusiasm!” We’re living our final days of another year. Whether you had the year you originally wanted or not, you have a fresh start coming up in less than a week!

It’s a great time to be you! It’s a great time to be alive and have the chance to play this game of life and business another year! If you had some challenges this year, you were able to learn some valuable lessons that will surely serve you in 2014…I know I have some new views from lessons I personally learned in 2013! What a great gift! We get to learn as we play the game and implement new plays, strategies and techniques moving forward…we all know this, but now I want the ENTHUSIASM from you.
Too many people are walking around with a defeated attitude. There is too much blame out there, too much victim mentality.

Many people are blaming a lot of outside factors for their own results, or lack thereof. I’m not minimizing real challenges that exist in the marketplace that are completely out of our control. In fact in my local market, Encana just announced they will suspend all natural gas drilling in our area for all of 2014. That is a real, live, economic impact on my entire marketplace. That is a true fact, but we still must find a way to win the game we’re playing and hit budget in 2014.

We must come to “the show” on fire! Excited, ramped up, ready to play full out with whatever cards we’re dealt (and we can improve) as we move into 2014. Don’t be one of the victims that are waiting for a certain time, economy, person, or luck to begin accomplishing the exact goals you have for your life and business!

Now is your time my friend. The wait is over if you choose it to be. Make 2014 your breakout year! Why would you settle for anything less than what you deserve? The choice is yours. It all begins with a choice. Decide to put a little extra dash of enthusiasm into all your dealings over the next few days and see how you feel!



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