Were You Born Royalty?

By Kenny Chapman, The Blue Collar Coach

Bear with me as I will be a bit brief today. When you’re reading this, I’ll be on vacation so I wanted to still share a message with you, but I won’t be too long.

Last week as the lovely Christy and I were flying to London for a much anticipated vacation, I was reflecting on what makes people develop in certain ways and how we ultimately shape our lives. We're all born into different demographics, belief systems, and conditioned environments. This is completely based on our parents and peers from very early on.

At some point, which can vary drastically by person, real life sets in and we begin making conscious choices to shape our businesses and lives in a positive and productive manner. Or, unfortunately sometimes people never really "wake up" and take their destiny by the horns to create the results they desire.

We're you born Royalty?

There's a pretty solid chance that those of you following us and what we do will answer this question the same we do at The Blue Collar Success Group.

Of course you weren't born royalty! Most of us aren't. Royalty. What does that mean anyway? Paparazzi hide in the craziest places to snap a photo of you at the moment you least expect? You become forced to have an entourage of body guards and staff to go to the grocery store? What am I thinking? If you're royalty you don't do your own shopping anyway!

I suppose there was a time when the Kardashians didn't feel they were born into royalty either. But they sure seem to have the same type of lifestyle that Royal Families deal with. How did the Kardashians create their very own version of royalty? They simply found a niche within a market and capitalized on it. I don't personally watch their shows, but as much as I travel I'll tell you that I can't walk through an airport without seeing at least one family member plastered across multiple magazine covers. Like them or not, you can't argue that they've created the business success they desired.

A few days before we flew into London, the new baby Prince was welcomed as the entire world watched with much waited anticipation. Suddenly this precious little baby comes into the world the same way we all did, but boy are there plans and unrealistic expectations already in place in this kid!

We don't need to be born into royalty! We don't need to be nuts like the Kardashians! We don't need to wait for somebody else to create our success. Stop waiting for your next big break and get busy on creating your own!

Where do you need to create royalty in your own life and business? Do you need more direction? Do you need to train your techs in better communication skills? Do you need get back to some basics regarding process?

Whatever it is, create your own royalty! We're here to help you!


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