It's Your Move

Regardless of how much time may pass between strategic moves during a chess game, one player will ultimately make their move with calculated precision, then offer up the famous phrase coined by chess, “It’s your move.” Serious chess players will evaluate their current status and position in the game, look several moves ahead, revisit their strategy for winning, and then finally decide which action step to take which represents the best possible path for victory.

Last week we talked about choosing to win and getting clear about making a conscious choice to no longer accept results that are anything less than desired in your business dealings and personal lives. It’s critical to make that first decision that you are now committed to winning which is a far different experience than hoping you win, or feeling it would be nice to win. We’re talking unshaken 100% commitment here!

At this stage of your business life as well as your personal situation, I want you to realize that it’s your move! It’s time for you to make a major next move toward the life and results you really want to live, not the one you’ve been accepting if it’s been anything less than stellar. The chess game of your business is counting on your next move to be a game changer. At The Blue Collar Success Group, we’re blessed to work with game changers in this industry on a daily basis. I’ll tell you one thing that rings true with all game changers regardless of industry, they think differently than the masses.

You’re sitting in a place of opportunity. It’s your move. What will you do next? What will you inspire next? How will you dig deeper within your own will and belief systems to manifest a new level of success? More often than not major growth will come from breaking out of your social class. Breaking through the chains that bind you will change your life and business more than any other thing.

In our Service Sales Success School, we spend a quality chunk of time with your technicians helping them to embrace the fact that they are worth so much more than the results they are currently achieving. Once they decide to improve their performance it simply happens, regardless of some techniques we may teach them over the three days. It’s your move. What’s next?

A few weeks ago Christy and I took a private tour around Edinburgh and St. Andrews, Scotland. We had a wonderful local tour guide by the name of Andy that graciously showed us the incredible sites, explained the rich history, and thoroughly educated us on this special part of the world. Through conversation we discovered that Andy and I served in the first gulf war together. He was there on behalf of the British Army, and I was there of course with the US Army.

As we explored commonalities from two soldiers worlds apart from each other, he told us how his son had just enlisted in the Scottish Army because he thought he would have a better chance of being able to migrate to Australia if he had that local military background. As his father, Andy has mixed feelings because his son will certainly end up in Afghanistan in short while, but as long as he lives through the challenges, he could get into Australia which represents a land of opportunity for this young Scottish lad.

It’s your move! You don’t have to go join a military and place your life in jeopardy to get a chance of opportunity. You’ve already got the opportunity. It’s up to you. Too often we forget this as a society and we get sucked in to what’s wrong and what’s bad instead of focusing on the fact that we are alive and have the chance to play this game of life and business at the greatest time EVER!

It’s your move!



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