Where Do You Find Your Inspiration?

Earlier this week Christy and I made a decision on a whim to spend a night at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Sure we live in Colorado and travel all over the place (literally), but we hadn't made the time to go to the Grand Canyon amidst our crazy travel schedule, until now.

In fact, we didn't even have this stop planned until we were on the road last Sunday headed toward the greater Phoenix area. One of the things I love about Christy and our lives together is willingness to be spontaneous. This fine Sunday we decided to take a little detour and stop off at this amazing wonder of the world. We didn't need to be in Scottsdale until 2pm on Monday, so we thought, why not?

We're living in Scottsdale this week working on some business development and content creation as well as spending time with fellow contractors in this area. As much as I love business, planning, and coaching people, I think I love passion in life more than anything else.

Passion shows up in many different ways regarding many different things. It can relate to hobbies, sports, business, as well as many other things. Most of us find some level of inspiration by the experiences we have in our lives. This is another reason I believe in living life on purpose and playing full out at whatever you do and wherever you are!

At the Grand Canyon you see people very passionate about the vast array of things the canyon represents. Some love the camping, hiking, photography, sunrise, sunset, mule rides, rafting, etc. For as many types of interest that people have, there are just about as many incredible things about this part of the world.

There are a lot of really cool things to do and see at the Grand Canyon for sure. You can bet on something for just about everyone, including me. With a quick overnight stay we were a bit limited on what we could see and do, but it was a deeper experience than that for me anyway.

I was inspired. I was blown away by the sheer amazement of what it took Mother Nature to create this place. To me, it's an incredible example of what can happen when calculated, consistent, methodical action takes place day after day after day.

Imagine what we can create in our businesses and our lives when we have laser focus on what we're creating? At times we might feel like the little stream on top of some dirt like the Colorado River once was to the Grand Canyon. Wherever we are today is simply a result of the choices and decisions we've made to this point in our lives. We have the ability to learn, grow, and create positive change.

Granted, we may not have thousands of years to create something like Mother Nature has, but we have the time we've been given, however long that could be. It is our responsibility as leaders to find our passion and help others live theirs as well.

The more we discover ourselves and what drives us, the more effective we become in all aspects of our businesses and lives. My most successful clients know exactly who they are and why they're playing the game every single day! What about you? It is time you revisit where you find your inspiration?

Have a better than fantastic weekend!


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