It's About The Right Things

April is in full swing as Mother Nature does its annual cleansing and growth process with the rain, wind and sunshine mixtures all across the US and Canada. Christy and I returned back home a week ago after another month on the road and had forecasts such as "75 degrees and snow this week". (One of the cool things about living in Colorado).

As spring does what it needs to do in order to create growth for the summer season, it makes me think about our own businesses and our mindsets regarding what we need to do. Mother Nature is very busy with the changes it's bringing with the new season. But she is quite busy affecting change with the things that really make a difference for the upcoming season.

What about you? As the leader of your organization, regardless of size, I'm sure you're very busy at the moment, right? Sure you are. You're an owner, or a manager, or a leading front line team member if you're reading this today. Let's agree that we're all busy so we can take that argument off the table.

The real question is NOT about how busy you are. Rather the most effective question is regarding what you are busy doing. Are you busy doing a lot of things, or are you busy doing the right things?

It's not about how much you do or how many things you do in any given day or situation. It's completely about your level of effectiveness doing the right things. Challenge your to-do list from a priority standpoint. Challenge your comfort zone of what you're used to doing every day because it has become your routine.

In our Service Sales Success School, we invest time with the technicians helping them embrace the philosophy that "what got you here won't get you there." The choices, actions, and behaviors you utilized to accomplish whatever level of success you currently enjoy will most likely NOT carry you to the higher levels of success that you desire. This is why we must continuously change and improve ourselves and our business strategies.

It's about doing the right things.

What are the right things you ask? You probably already know what they are. Sometimes they're not the flashy and fun things. They're not the lunches with distributors or the complimentary game tickets from an advertising medium.

The right things are the tasks that drive growth and profit. These are the game changing things that must be done in order to get to the next level: Pricing, sales training, effective communication, leadership with vision, coaching, marketing, tracking, etc.

The big boulders that will change the game vary by company that we see. However, almost always, there are some fundamentals that can be re-focused on and improve the company more than adding some new bells and whistles

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. What actions are you taking in April that will bring you a nice ROI in May? Don't just do things; focus on doing the right things

Have a better than fantastic weekend!


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