Trust Your Instincts

We can't deny we have a voice inside that speaks to us. It has happened time and time again. Whether it was an opportunity we should have taken or an opportunity we should have walked away from; our instincts were talking, and we weren't listening. One of the most important aspects in the evolution of an entrepreneur is the ability to rely more and more on their instincts.

Do not confuse instincts with blind faith. Instinct is something that is engrained into the fiber of the entrepreneur through education, experience, and quite frankly nature. In other words we have a natural ability to sense things, however, it is also a skill that needs to be sharpened over time and experience. As business owners there are several factors that can cloud instincts when it comes to making a decision on anything from a project to an employee. Factors like money, opinions, and current situation are factors that should always be considered yet not to the point where we drown out strong instinct. Careful research of important decisions is necessary to make good choices. If after that research you are still left with voices that just won't be quiet. Well, maybe this is one of those times where you trust your instincts.

Professional athletes have trained so hard and so long that when it comes down to game time they simply let their bodies speak. Entrepreneurs are the exact same way. A "business athlete" has been trained through good deals, bad deals, good people, bad people, and had their share of success and set backs. Once a business athlete feels confident in his game; then it's time to let their body speak.


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