Football is Back!!!

As of last night, NFL football is officially back. The crazy thing about football season is that regardless of whether you're a fan or not, it still has an effect on you. There are so many people waiting in anticipation for this time of year that one can't help but feel like there is a new energy in the air. A good energy. It is hard to believe that less than two months ago, we weren't even going to have a football season! The NFL lockout was in full swing. Players and owners were at odds with each other and most of us didn't know what the outcome would be. In the midst of intense negotiations something truly beautiful happened; a little word called, compromise.

If you've been watching the news this year you would have certainly thought the art of compromise was lost; yet here we were watching to two sides coming together to make a deal. The NFL is a business just like any other and there could be situations in your business right now where a little compromise could go a long way. Just like many parts of your business the choice to compromise is certainly situational. If you know that something isn't right like letting the quality of your product suffer at the expense of your clients then certainly you make a stand. However, in times when it is clear that the success of the whole is more important than getting everything you want then compromise must be taken into consideration. For sure, neither the players or the owners got everything they wanted however they realized that nobody gets anything if the season doesn't happen.

There could be places in your business right now that with a little bit of compromise could win you big in the end. Look for opportunities to compromise and think out of the box for resolutions. Ask the other party what else might make them happy enough to close a deal; maybe it's something you haven't even talked about that is easy for you to do. At the end of the day the goal should remain on getting a deal done that will bring more revenue in the end rather than someone getting a 100% of nothing. Hey, if 6'5" 300 pound men can put differences aside and make a deal, maybe we should give it a shot.


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