Facebook Fertilizer

Business on Facebook can be tricky. The reason it's tricky is because most people are not on there to do business and whenever it starts to become that way, people will turn from it. When I say people I mean your actual friends. Yes, of course, you can create a "page" for your business and get a bunch of "likes," but let's face it, you already have a great network on your personal profile…why do we have to create a whole new circle in order to get business. The answer is, you don't. "Stinky," your best friend from elementary school as well as, Dafney, your cousin's girlfriend who you met last Thanksgiving can be great referral sources. But how? Well, below are three tips on how to make your Facebook business grow.

1. Don't Sell: This is mistake number one when dealing with your personal friends. Immediately when you start saying "like me, please please please, like me" people tend to turn away. This is the reason Myspace turned into an afterthought, too spammy. The beauty of Facebook is the ability to do more showing than telling. "Hey guys, just letting you know that I specialize in doing re-modeling so if you know of anyone who needs something done, contact me!" That is a typical selling post, don't do that. Instead, post a before and after picture of your last kitchen remodel and simply say something like, "This is why I love my job:)" That post alone says you specialize in remodeling, you're good at what you do, and you love your job. No sell needed.

2. Ask a lot of questions?: Facebook is essentially your personal blog and the key to blogs to is get people talking aka commenting. You can do this by simply posting cool or funny things but for business, asking questions often works best. Post something like, "Down in Ft. Lauderdale building a new shopping center, anyone know of a good place to eat in the Davie area?" You'll not only get great suggestions from your friends because they love to help, but what did you actually say? You said I build commercial properties and my territory extends to Ft. Lauderdale. How about a picture of you holding a color slide in front of a client's wall and posting, "My client is trying to decide what color to paint this wall, olive green or brick red…what do you think?" Watch the comments come in as well as the leads.

3. Post GOOD Pictures: Get yourself a good camera phone. In the Facebook world pictures are everything and a bad quality picture does you no justice. Why a phone instead of just a camera? So you can simply push one button and have it on Facebook, that's why! Listen, you and I both know, the chances decrease drastically that you will post if you have to go home, hook up a cord, download the pictures, and then post. Not happening. Plus, people want to know what you're doing real time…so give them what they want!

It will take you a while to get good at this but just like everything else, practice makes perfect. Oh, which reminds me, here's a bonus tip, POST OFTEN. Just make sure to keep it interesting. Happy posting.


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