Seek Council

Tell me if this has ever happened to you? You go through an ordeal that caused you a significant amount of hardship. A week later you run into an old friend. You guys get to talking and undoubtedly you clue him or her in to what you've just gone through. You get done and they say something like, "Man, I wish you would have talked to me, I would have warned you about that." Frustrating, I know. I was reminded of this when a friend told me a story about a legal dispute he was involved with in his younger days. He knew his case was strong and more importantly, he was right. Lawyers got involved and time, energy, and most importantly money was spent. As the dispute dragged, more money was spent. He knew he was right and was confident the other side would see his case and settle. Well they settled alright, but it wasn’t near the outcome that he desired. Soon after my buddy ran into a friend who had been in a situation like that before who told him, you guessed it, "I would have warned you about that."

My point is that we often get so caught up in handling major situations that we act before we seek council. In other words, all major decisions should be entitled to a few points of view. Now, of course, not all point of the views hold the same weight. The recruitment of your advisory team needs to be thorough. Search for sharp, seasoned, and level headed minds to add to your squad. Sometimes these people don't have to necessarily be close to you. There might be someone who is not in your immediate circle but you respect their business savvy. Ask them if they're willing to be part of your council, and maybe offer to be theirs if they need it. More than one would be great but at least find one person you can run major decisions past. A simple phone call to one of your council members could save you a lot of heartache and often a lot of money.


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