The Necessity of Struggle

Whether your last job fell through or it’s just the typical challenges of a tough economic time, struggle is never a welcome visitor. Most of the time struggle is a surprise guest and if we actually had the choice to choose rocky vs. smooth or hard vs. easy, we would undoubtedly choose the latter. I’m right there with you.

But here’s the deal, struggle is an unavoidable part of success and whether we invited it or not we are obviously going to spend a lot of time with it. Yet while in the struggle we are often only preoccupied with when we’re getting out of it. I say, if we have to travel with it on the road to success, we might as well be friends, right?

First we must define what struggle really is and what it does for us. A wise businessman once told me “enjoy the journey.” What he really meant to say was “enjoy the struggle.” We are who we are because of the struggles we’ve been through, not the victories. Struggle is purposely built into the system to mold your character, refine your skills, and instill confidence. Do you every wonder why some victories seem short lived and anticlimactic? It’s not because victories are bad, not at all, please enjoy all your success. It’s because we forgot to enjoy the journey.

Author Phillips Brooks said, “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” The struggle is the most powerful strength builder in the universe so let it make you stronger, smarter, and more confident in your business. Victory awaits you.


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