Dying for Money

For almost ten years you’ve built your company from the ground up. You battled through the initial struggles of the entrepreneur and made it through on the other side. You’ve gone through a lot of bad people, lost some good people, and now have a solid team built around you. You weathered deals gone south and dug in your heals through a tough economy and it only strengthened your resolve. You’ll never forget the big deal that you know was a huge turning point in your company’s history. You are now primed and ready for those big earning years and you can’t wait. Yet one question remains...will you be alive to see them.

We hear the old timers say things like “you have nothing if you don’t have your health” and we just brush it off. We’re too busy working our butts off and chasing our destiny but could they have a point. I’m no health nut and it goes without saying that unforeseen events could alter your life’s path, but what about the things we can foresee.

A friend of mine told me about a buddy of his who was in his late twenties and a rising star for a large financial institution. The young star was making great money yet was obviously obese, a chronic smoker, and never exercised on top of having a high stress job. My friend was stoic as the young star painted pictures of what it would be like when they were both rich and carefree. Suddenly the young star stopped and asked, “why aren’t you excited about this?!” My friend replied, “because you won’t be alive to see it.”

Tough words, but something that my friend had to say to someone he cared about. The body is the house we live in everyday. If that house crumbles then nothing built outside of that house will matter. That being the case your health should be the first priority in life rather than the last. Take some time to analyze the house you live in. If it looks and feels like your dream house, enjoy it and maintain it. If it needs a lot of work then be sure to make it your next construction project.


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