The Best Coach You'll Ever Have

Yes, I am the Blue Collar Coach, and yes, I have brought success to many who were looking to build their business and their dreams. But I have a confession to make, I’m not the best coach you’ll ever have, I wish I was, but I’m not. It’s hard to believe, I know, but there is another person, a person very close to you, that not only should but HAS to be a better coach than me...You.

It seems like common sense but on our quest to find solutions, to find good people, and to find motivation we easily forget that the person with the most riding on your success is you. It is very important that the person with the most discipline, most motivation, and strongest work ethic wakes up with you every day. A good example is someone who is trying to get in shape and says things like “I won’t do it unless I get a trainer.” Well, this philosophy is okay, AT FIRST. However, once the professional shows you the proper techniques, the proper plan, and the proper diet it is up to you to apply it, better said, it is up to you to WANT to apply it. Motivation doesn’t come from the trainer it comes from you. The trainer won’t be around when someone is trying to shove that cake down your throat and he won’t be there on your vacation telling you to get a workout in, but guess what, YOU will.

If you miss having imaginary friends like you did as a child, try this. Create an imaginary friend called “Coach.” This coach is you but it’s the observer you. It resides outside of your body and instead of looking out into the world it looks at you and speaks to you in third person. Wait, I hear him now, “Kenny! Put that cake down!!!!” Alright, alright, geez.


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