Taking Action

Let me ask you a question: how likely are you to get in front of a moving truck to try to stop it? You’d have to be LARGELY unconscious for that one, my friend. However, what if the truck was still in park and the driver was about to put their foot on the gas? The point here is that it is a lot easier to stop someone who has not started moving yet than it is to stop them once they have some momentum going.

So, what is the key to momentum? Action! A great deal of success literature deals with the power of positive thinking and the changing of your beliefs in order to better align yourself with what you want. However, nothing in this world happens without action. Let me say that again: Nothing in this world happens without action.

It is action that brings about results, and all the positive thinking in the world is not going to change that. In fact, sometimes the more you sit and think about something the harder it gets for you to take action. You start thinking about all of the things that can go wrong, you start to worry, that worry turns into fear, and pretty soon you are not doing anything at all.

Let me save you the trouble when it comes to fear and worry: if you take action, things are going to go wrong sometimes. At first, they may go wrong a lot of the time. But this is no reason to stand by and do nothing. In fact it is the best reason to take action.Why? Because you are going to learn a lot more by doing than you could ever dream of by thinking about something.


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