Peaks and Valleys

“What would you be doing right now if you weren’t afraid?” That was the sentence that resounded with me years ago when I read a famous little book called “Who Moved my Cheese.” It seems to me that although books are filled with tons of great information there is usually one theme or one sentence that really applies to your life situation in the present moment. That one little sentence truly changed my life and has helped millions pursue their dreams, their careers, and their calling.

So it just happens that the other day I stumbled upon another one of the same authors books entitled, “Peaks and Valleys.” The central theme is quite simple, life as in business, is a series of peaks and valleys and it is not only important that we see that but accept it. However, it is our job to do everything in our power to stay on those peaks longer and avoid valleys as much as possible. By learning from past business mistakes and improving your strategies you can not only stay on peaks longer but you can make them higher while making the dips in your business more of a bump in the road than a valley.

So what was the life changing sentence in this great parable, you ask? Here it is. “The bad things that happen to you are because of the things you did in the good times, and the good things that happen to you are because of the things you did in the bad times.” Simply stated, don’t get complacent. You have made it where you are in your business by hard work, efficiency, and surrounding yourself with good people. Don’t forget those simple facts when success comes your way. Instead of getting complacent in good times, look to innovate and refine, and you’ll find yourself building a home on a mountain.


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