Gold in Your Mouth

“We buy Gold!” “Call Goldline!” Watch the new Discovery Channel TV show “GoldRush Alaska!” Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you look people are on the constant search for gold? Well, at this point it is no secret that the economy has taken a bit of a dip and people are looking desperately to create more revenue, heck, some are looking to get filthy rich. Yet while most are looking everywhere for gold they are overlooking the most abundant source of gold in the world, their mouth.

No, we’re not talking about gold teeth here. The riches that emanate from your mouth don’t come from your teeth but from the only only thing that comes from your mouth that should be solid as a rock, Your Word. It is sad to say but we live in a world that is increasingly filled with talkers, but not a whole lot of doers. And while it is sad to say, it is certainly not sad for you. The abundance of talk in this world combined with a lack of execution has put you in a prime position to stand out from 98% of people in this world. Do you want to know the secret? Ok, stand back, are you ready? Do what you say you’re going to do. Whoa.

Below are three concepts that will turn your word into pure gold.

1. Yes’s and No’s

When it comes to your word the truth of the matter is that keeping your word is a series of yes’s and no’s. More often than not people have no problems with saying yes, it’s the times that they refuse to say no that cheapens their word. For the sake of not being agreeable in the present, many people simply say yes to too many things that really and truly they have no intention of doing. Do you have these people in your life? “Yeah, sure, I’ll stop by.” “Yeah, of course, I’ll call you later.” “Yep, I’ll check on that the second I get home.” Well, sure, it sounds really good but every time you say something like that in passing and proceed to not execute, the value of your word drops drastically. A few seconds of calm reflection about what you can and are willing to do will shoot the value of your word through the roof! Try this. “You know what, before I answer that, let me check my schedule.” “I have a few things to handle later on, can I call you around 10 am tomorrow instead.” “Can I check on that for you in the morning because tonight is going to be hectic?” Remember, these answers will only make you look better if you actually execute.

2. It’s Ok not to Know.

Have you ever met someone who has an answer for everything? It sounds good in theory, however, statistically speaking, the chances that someone knows everything are somewhere between slim and none. Chances are that someone who always claims to know will not always be correct so the stock of their “word” begins to drop. How do you avoid this? Simple, when you don’t know, SAY you don’t know! Easier said than done right. Because the truth of the matter is people like to know, and if they don’t, they feel like they SHOULD know which causes a conflict. But once again, if people get the feeling your word is only reliable part of the time, they will stop coming to you for answers. So if you don’t like saying “I don’t know” then try saying “let me research that further and I’ll get back to you.” Think about it, you’re actually doing them a favor by doing the work of researching it for them. Because lets be honest, they probably should have just googled it (lol).

3. There are no Small Things

People often make the mistake of putting importance values on things they have already committed to do. Stop it. If you said it, do it. It is often keeping these smaller promises that actually get you the most points! “Next time I go to the store I’ll pick you up a bag of that coffee you like.” Small right? Bring that coffee to your employee or coworker a few days later and see if the fact you remembered doesn’t make you the office hero.

Follow these three simple concepts and your “word” will make you rich in no time.


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