Four Keys To Never Giving Up

1. Get Real

Look at every goal in your life and ask yourself honestly if it is something that is consistent with your source of internal drive. If not, you are going to find yourself struggling with mediocrity or even giving up at the first signs of defeat. You may be short- changing yourself by pursuing something that you don’t really want because it is not connecting you to your true passion.

2. Get Rid of Your Conflicting Agendas

Whatever you have going “on the side just in case,” you need to let go of immediately. Think about it: what if all that additional attention and effort was directed toward your primary goal? This doesn’t mean that directions won’t or may not change many times in life; it’s more about making sure that you’re not using softeners and building a backup plan instead of going after what you truly want with all that you have.

3. Protect Your Dream

There are always going to be people in your life who doubt you, or even try to discourage you. Sometimes these are the people whose support you need the most. Remember, the people in your life are going to benefit the most from you being the best person you can be. What you have to understand is that the influence of other people can either make or break your success. Your job is to protect yourself and your dream from negative influences. If you know people who never have anything positive to say about taking risks or pursuing ambitions, don’t tell them about your goals. If you find that turning on the news and hearing about the hard economic times, or anything else, is discouraging you from taking action to build a better financial future or start a new business, turn it off. What you have to do is to make your life an incubator for your dreams: a place where they can grow and thrive. You need to build up power, momentum, and enthusiasm, without having to fight off negative influences. This might mean you have to draw some boundaries with certain people. You may even have to ignore some of them, however you’ll find that the people who really care about you will come around.

4. Acknowledge the Seasons

This means you respect that there are seasons in life, and you plan accordingly. One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking their current conditions are not going to change. This is true in the good times and the bad times. All good farmers know that the harvest never lasts. So they continue to plan and to save and to plant again. In other words, they are persistent because they know that the seasons of plenty won’t last forever. Life is the same way. However, we have become so accustomed to technology and to having everything right now that we have lost the ability to acknowledge the seasons of our life. There’s nothing wrong with taking breaks and enjoying some downtime, as long as we’re choosing consciously to do so.


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