Find Your Flow

“I’ve got so much to do!” “If it’s not one thing it’s the other!” “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done!” Do you find yourself saying these things on a daily basis, well stop it, you’re stressing me out. Seriously though, are you consumed by all the things happening around you, or even worse, consumed by the things that haven’t happened? I’ve been there, trust me. Running your own business while juggling other aspects of life can seem daunting, but don’t stress my friends, there is a solution...find your flow.

I learned this lesson from a friend of mine years ago. A contractor himself, I would call him in the middle of the day while in the middle of my hectic business and I could hear the faint sound of clanging steel in the background. I assumed he was always at a job site until one day I decided to ask him what job he was on. Turns out he wasn’t at a job site at all, he was at THE GYM!! Here I am stressing about every issue or possible issue and he’s at the gym! Sad thing was, he was making more money than me! Something had to change. I needed to change my flow and find a peace and balance in my work day.

So I decided to change my strategy. There is no getting around the important things that have to be done. That said, make sure they’re as important as you think they are. Use the W.I.N. philosophy. What’s Important Now. Make sure you prioritize your activities so you focus your valuable time on the issues that cannot wait, realizing that you might have to reanalyze those priorities multiple times in the day. Two, take a deep breath and realize this, you’re a successful person who’s made it pretty darn far and I guarantee that stressing yourself out wasn’t a key to your success. And three, remember that many problems solve themselves if you give them a few days so focus on the NOW and let the chips fall where they may. Find your flow.


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