Children are Geniuses

“He’s not old enough to know that.” “Oh she’s just too young to know.” You hear people say things like that all the time about children but the fact of the matter is that while they say that kids are too young to know, the reality is, adults are TOO old to know. A case could be made that while kids pale in stature to adults, these little people are actually mental giants in business and in life. Here are three basic lessons we can learn from these little geniuses.

1. Chase Dreams not Money

Oh, kids and their fantasies, blah blah blah. Well, don’t discredit childhood dreams just quite yet. Isn’t it entirely possible that the things you immediately loved as a child could be directly related to what you were supposed to do with your life? Could it be that those things you seemed to have a propensity for as a kid were the talents you were supposed to develop? Could it be that the creator of the universe hid your purpose in your passions. It kind of makes sense when you think about it and although you might not be an astronaut now that passion to explore might be your greatest asset. Continually be on the search for the things that truly excite you and the money will come.

2. Don’t Overcomplicate

This is probably the most common issue which hampers adults. At some point after highschool adults begin to internally chant a very destructive phrase in their head “It must be more complicated than this.” No, actually, it’s not. It is not to say that things in business and life aren’t hard work but you will find the concepts in most cases are quite simple. A child touches a hot stove and says “Wow, that’s hot, I’m not going to touch that again.” Yet as an adult, we will deal with the same problematic people over and over again in our business and our relationships. We continue to get burned yet here we go walking back to the stove. Maybe you’re in a job or situation you can’t stand and instead of making a move you let the situation eat at you until there is a stench of depression that engulfs you. Not babies. When they’re sittin in a pile they immediately know it’s time for a change. Pure genius.

3. Burst with Energy

Childlike energy is contagious and it is the spirit that gives life to everything you do. Energy is important because it is not a concept that requires intellectual ability it is rather something that is felt. People FEEL your energy, they FEEL your passion and it is that feeling that motivates people around your mission, and quite frankly, it’s magnetic. Children exude that energy because they simply aren’t hampered by the constraints of what other people think. As we grow older we place a higher and higher importance on what other people think we SHOULD be doing rather than what our instincts beg us to do. If your intentions are good, trust your gut, and wear your bathing suit and cowboy hat to school if that’s what you feel like doing.


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