Recent Posts in March, 2011

  • Peaks and Valleys

    “What would you be doing right now if you weren’t afraid?” That was the sentence that resounded with me years ago when I read a famous little book ...
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  • Children are Geniuses

    “He’s not old enough to know that.” “Oh she’s just too young to know.” You hear people say things like that all the time about children but the fact ...
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  • "Practice? We're Talking About Practice?..."

    The great philosopher, Allen Iverson, in a 2002 press conference gave us one of the greatest life lessons we could ever learn. After missing practices ...
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  • Find Your Flow

    “I’ve got so much to do!” “If it’s not one thing it’s the other!” “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done!” Do you find yourself saying these things on a ...
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  • The Best Coach You'll Ever Have

    Yes, I am the Blue Collar Coach, and yes, I have brought success to many who were looking to build their business and their dreams. But I have a ...
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  • Gold in Your Mouth

    “We buy Gold!” “Call Goldline!” Watch the new Discovery Channel TV show “GoldRush Alaska!” Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you look people are on the ...
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  • Four Keys To Never Giving Up

    1. Get Real Look at every goal in your life and ask yourself honestly if it is something that is consistent with your source of internal drive. If ...
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  • Taking Action

    Let me ask you a question: how likely are you to get in front of a moving truck to try to stop it? You’d have to be LARGELY unconscious for that one, ...
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