Go Make New Friends

Did you ever have to move or change schools as a child? Fear bubbled up in your stomach at the thought of not knowing anyone. You were sure you would be lost and lonely for the remainder of your days. Then, Mom, would say her usual comforting words “It’s gonna be alright, you’ll make new friends.” As much as you wanted to believe her you didn’t. Yet, of course, after a few weeks you undoubtedly made some new friends and those new friends led to new adventures.

It might be time to have some new adventures in your business. And by adventures I mean new business and opportunity. It might be time for new ideas and new perspectives that will lead you to the new niche or development in your business. Only one problem. You’re always hanging out with the same people. Same clients, same employees, same friends, same conferences, same associations...I think you get the point. It might be time for you to make some new friends.

Not that your friends and contacts aren’t awesome but new leads and points of view can pay big dividends. Think about joining a few groups that really have nothing to do with what you do. In a group like Toastmasters you can not only make new connections but polish up your speaking skills. Volunteer at a charity and help people while you meet other great people. Take a course on something you like or need to learn. Go to a conference that deals with something you want to learn about. It is precisely the fact you aren’t at any of these places to sell anything that gives you credibility when your new friends, or their contacts, want to buy something. The opportunities to connect are out there waiting for you. Now go make some new friends!


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