Hard Work Pays...Late.

One of the worst feelings in the world is waiting for money. Someone says they’re going to pay you on a certain date, the date comes and goes, and you still have no payment. It gives you a sick feeling. Questions start to creep into your mind. Are they going to pay me? How am I going to pay my people? If not today then when are they going to pay me? Am I going to have to chase these people for the money? It’s not a position you want to be in. So we can all agree that not getting paid on time is a bad sign. Someone who pays late is seen as not dependable. However, there is one person, and only one person who always guarantees payment, but often pays late. Hard work.

This is mainly the case when you are starting your business. A seasoned entrepreneur will testify that hard work used to pay them when they first started the business, but they have managed to get hard work to pay quicker over the years. That said, the bigger the challenge the business owner takes on, the later hard work seems to pay.

Starting a business is one of the most trying times in an entrepreneur’s career. Money always seems to be a factor and the business owner constantly feels the pressure to get a deal to “pop.” They work tirelessly to get things off the ground, as they should, because hard work pays off. Then it happens. A deal falls through, they lose a valuable member of their team to another company, or maybe their marketing plan is a bust. They expected to be profitable in three months or six months, but sure enough, hard work didn’t pay on time.

Do not despair. There’s a very good reason hard work doesn’t pay on time. Hard work knows something about us. The minute we get what we want, we have a tendency to get complacent, and stop our learning process. Hard work knows we have a lot to learn in the early stages of our business. Hard work knows we tend to focus on short term gains and not long term wealth. For this reason, hard work will often let you take a few hits so that you can analyze and dissect your strategies more intensely than you would if you just got paid on time. When hard work doesn’t pay, you tend to ask yourself questions like, “Why did that deal fall through?” “What can I do to keep good people in my company?” “What do I need to tweak in my marketing strategy?” The answers to these questions will slowly build a foundation to long term wealth and the future success of your business. Then one day you’ll be on a long needed vacation and get a call from your amazing secretary saying that the day after you left the biggest contract you’ve ever had just got finalized. What do you know, hard work paid early this time.


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