Contracting and Branding

Recently, I had a chance to get a glimpse of a gentleman’s very successful car business. From my observation there were two keys to his success. One, he built his business with integrity. Two, this guy really has a knack for branding his business. Everything from his commercial tag line to the “Uncle Sam like” character he created as the mascot for his business; he made sure his company was branded in the minds of his potential customers. There isn’t one person in Winston Salem, NC that doesn’t know where they can get a great deal on a used car. He didn’t get there over night but he just kept trying different ideas and tweaking them as he went along until he drove his sales through the roof.

We’ve seen these branding techniques (some better than others) in many industries for years; but for some reason you don’t tend to see as much creative branding in the contracting business. This hit me like a ton of bricks the other day when a contractor told me a wonderful idea he wanted to incorporate into his employees uniforms. It was a simple and slightly out of the box idea but it would certainly brand his company. You would know it was his company as soon as you saw his people. It was such a good idea that immediately I said, “That’s great! Nobody is doing that.” Then immediately I thought, why is nobody doing that?

Creative branding is not a natural skill for some but just like any other skill it can be developed. The only way to develop that skill is to work on it and start writing ideas down. It could be time to film a commercial for your business so start thinking of ideas that stand out. It could be time for a new mail campaign. What will draw the eye? What will stick in someone’s mind? Maybe you are just starting out a new business and you’re looking for a good name. What’s catchy? What is short, sweet, and representative of your company? Take your time and put ideas down on paper. Get other creative people involved and ask for their opinions. Get used to the idea that marketing is something you do every second of every day. Be on the constant search for genuinely creative ways to keep your business in the minds of potential customers.


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