Be The Change

Have you ever walked into a business and the person attending you at the front was just so kind and helpful that it made you say to yourself, “Wow, she’s nice.” Then you reach the second person you came to talk to and they’re not only attentive but super intelligent. You then reach the third person and they deliver you exactly what you were looking for. As you leave the business you say to yourself, “That’s a well run business.”

There are times when you might encounter the random “nice” person in a group of incompetent employees, however, when you see a pattern of competence and talent; something more is at work. This is not a fluke. This company was obviously built right from its foundation, and that foundation is the business owner.

It’s amazing how one person’s character, integrity, and vision can be transferred down through an organization. I saw the perfect example of this the other night on an episode of “Undercover Boss.” Dressed in a ridiculous wig and glasses, the CEO of Lucky Strike bowling allies went from location to location evaluating his company. What stood out to me was just how cool his employees were! They all seemed to be smart, enthusiastic, and most importantly, caring. As the show continued I realized why. The CEO was himself a compassionate man who had risked everything in his 50’s to make his mark. He genuinely wanted to improve the lives of not only his own family but the lives of those who worked for him. Realize that the character of your company is a direct reflection of you. All changes good or bad in your way of doing business will be reflected in all of your employees. So as Gandhi said; be the change you want to see.


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