World Cup For Your Business

On my constant search for business metaphors hidden in current events; it was hard to ignore the Women's World Cup last month. The team from the good old U-S of A was incredible. That game against It could easily be labeled the greatest comeback in sports ever witnessed! As the U.S. advanced to the final it seems the story was already written. Hollywood could not have scripted this better. The drama continued with more last minute heroics by the U.S. but in the end we did not get the outcome we expected. So while unsatisfied, we held our heads high with pride and moved on.

So did you see the lessons for your business hidden in there? I did! Does that make me weird? Don't answer that, here are three lessons for your business.

Never Give Up:

If you've decided that your business is your passion just like the girls love soccer; then don't ever quit no matter how bad it looks. The win versus Brazil was a perfect example. Often your best work is done under extreme pressure. Stay calm and be confident that the work and practice you have put in up to this point will shine through in the end. Hustle, make moves, and ask teammates for help if need be but continue on your journey. Also embrace the fact that under times of extreme pressure you grow the most as a business man or woman. Pressure is the greatest motivation to learn and act, never forget that.

Expect the Unexpected:

Don't ever think you know what the ending of the story looks like; expect change. If you expect one outcome and get another it can often lead to a bigger perception of disappointment; leading to despair. Despair is not the right emotion to have. Unsatisfied, maybe, but not despair. There are many factors that can lead to unexpected outcomes and they are simply lessons you have to learn. Losses don't equal failure, only quitting does. It is important to have goals and meet them but never forget that changes are often arrows pointing you to a better outcome. Expect the unexpected.

Keep your Head High, and Move On:

Move on...and get better. Your skill and experience don't have a ceiling. Matter of fact success dictates that you are continually the student; that you continually set the bar higher. Your competition also dictates that. Just like Japan didn't let up in the final game, you can't expect your competitors to do so either. They are working to be better just like you, so stay on your toes. That said, every once in a while, take the time to look at what you've accomplished, and be proud. You're doing something the majority of the world is not doing and you're playing the game. If you suffer a setback, dust yourself off, and remember one thing; you love playing soccer. Move on with your new experience and understanding and plan your next run at the championship. Get back on that field and show em what ya got! Go USA!


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