The Money Stream

Don’t chase the money. Huh? I know, it sounds weird doesn’t it. We work so hard everyday to make our businesses flourish and we’re not doing it for money? No, that’s not what I said. I said don’t CHASE the money. Now it is my sincere hope you do what you do because you love it. Regardless of whether that is the case or not it is also my sincere hope that you get wealthy doing it. My point is that we sometimes expend our energy chasing money instead realizing one simple truth. Money is everywhere.

A wise friend once told me “don’t chase money, money is way faster than you.” Instead what that wise friend suggested was that I should focus on positioning my business to receive the money. The philosophy is that there are “money streams” all around you and it’s your job to see those streams and position yourself in the flow of those money streams. What is a new niche in your business? What is a need in your field that your company can fill? What does your company do better than everyone else?

You are often way closer to big money than you think. Take some time from the hustle and bustle to analyze your business. Take some time to do some research and do some reading. Take a few steps away from your business and look at it from the outside. It is very likely you will see something that you couldn’t see when you were inside your business. That very thing could be the money stream that takes you to the next level. Jump in!


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