Go See People

When is the last time you dropped in on someone? Remember when we used to do that? Yeah, you remember, in the dinosaur age before Facebook and email. Seriously, it seems with the advent of cell phones, internet, and social media we almost forgot that we can actually go see people face to face! Whoa. I know, crazy right? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good text as much as anyone (lol). That said, do not devalue the importance of having someone see and hear you in person. More importantly to your client, customer, or supplier it gives you a chance to see and hear THEM.

People like people who listen, fact. So what if a person has a tendency to be long winded, good. It will give you a chance to listen. Nothing builds a relationship better than someone who cares enough to stop by in person and listen. Come in to your client’s or partner’s business without an agenda and say hello. If they have some time to chat great if they don’t fine but you make sure that you have blocked out time in case they do. By the way, do this with your friends as well. It will work wonders for your relationships.

Realize that with the rise of social media, email, and mobile devices the stock of a face to face encounter has gone up drastically. This is simply because your competitors are not doing it anymore. Use this power to your favor to stand out from the crowd. In addition, sometimes you lose business because you are “out of sight, out of mind.” Set up a casual coffee or lunch and who knows you might have a huge contract handed to you.


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