The Blue Collar
Success Group

What We Do​

Clients seek us out for freedom. Freedom from things they no longer want to do in their business and freedom to do what they want in business.

Our brand Blue Collar is often imitated, but never duplicated, because of our approach in training and coaching.

We are not a one size fits all “best practices” group. We coach businesses based on their unique market and their unique business.  

Regardless of your size, budget or goals, we want to help you build a home service business that will run itself and not you!

The Blue Collar Success Group offers live and online training & events designed to instill confidence and competence for you and your entire team.

You’ll also discover a toolbox loaded with templates and tools. Whether you are looking or systems/processes, marketing, pricing, recruiting resources or Instant Meeting Makers, you’ll find it in our ever-growing toolbox resource.

Not to mention fully customizable coaching groups designed to fit any size business. We don’t believe in one-size fits all approach. We’ll help you design a program that will work for you and your team’s needs.

Our team of business coaches, marketing experts, entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators help you network with people who have the same mindset and understanding, so you’re never the smartest person in the room.

And, between our members, partners and Blue Collar Success Group team, you’ll never be left alone. Above all else, we guarantee you’ll be so excited about everything we offer – and rediscover the fun and passion you once had for your business.

Who We Serve

Our clients and members are progressive in-home service contractors who understand life and business are better when they aren’t navigating it alone. The blue-collar people we serve…

  • Want supportive, fun and friendly group of experienced coaches that recognize what it takes to thrive.
  • Are open-minded, can let go of an ego and realize their way isn’t always best.
  • Commit to team and individual development.
  • Desire a strategic investment in their company’s future.
  • Understand that technology is changing and there’s a need to constantly adapt.
  • Want freedom from things they no longer want to do in their business and freedom to do what they want in business.
  • Looking for a customized and personalized approach in training and coaching.
  • Want to provide a better life for their families and team members.
  • They are looking for a best practices group based on their unique market and business.


To Families & Our Industry

We’ve positively impacted thousands of clients across the in-home services sector because our organization was built to provide financial freedom for businesses and a worry-free life for your family.

Our award-winning coaches and trainers personally saw that success within their in-home service companies, and are committed to sharing their expertise within a niche industry they know best.

Explore why The Blue Collar Success Group truly is your business’ answer to offering world-class customer service and all-encompassing growth that influences owners to office staff!

Interested in Customized

One-on-One Coaching?

See how we help you succeed

Meet Our Founder

Kenny Chapman founded The Blue Collar Success Group with the focus of providing guidance that the in-home industry severely lacked – consistent ethical technician training and retention, on-site consulting, personalized marketing and business strategies to boost the bottom line for owners and entrepreneurs.

He noticed a need after hearing complaints from his industry peers and experiencing that frustration on his own, back in 1994 when he bought a plumbing company in Colorado and only took in $1,000 a month in revenue.

Kenny, now an award-winning industry trainer who later built that business into a multi-million dollar company, used his expertise to fill a void with the ever-changing Blue Collar Success Group designed for electricians, plumbers and HVAC services.

The team provides:

  • expert coaching for each individual trade needs
  • training for owners, technicians and office team members
  • multiple membership levels catered to the specific needs of each client
  • networking among businesses near and far who may experience similar issues
  • web-based schools
  • live events
  • and more to grow your business and have a better quality of life.


The Blue Collar Success Group and its premier, industry-proven programs have been featured in USA TODAY, Contracting Business, Plumbing & Mechanical, and on Fox News, NBC and ABC News.

Meet the

Jim Cosmas

Relationship Consultant & Business Coach

Jeremy Self

Business Coach & Trainer

Ashley McCarthy

Program Development Director

Chelsea Crew

Operations Director

Todd Longbrake

eLearning Developer & Trainer

Denise Swafford

Coaching & Training Manager

Larry Swafford

Business Coach & Trainer

Natalie Tougas

Client Relations & Administrative Coordinator

Linda Stanfield

Marketing Coordinator


“As an owner of an HVAC/plumbing company, I’ve attended many training seminars and this one was easily the best ever. I brought a couple of people from my team and I feel it was life-changing for them. Kenny, Chris and Kelly are great at painting a picture, at keeping you engaged and at challenging you to be the best version of yourself. Thanks a lot guys!”
Jason Henderson
“Kenny, Chris and all the amazing people that make up the BCSG team really know how to make you and your team fell supported. All their tools, trainings, events, etc. are practical and really pivot your company to stand out from your competitors. If you haven’t made time to learn more about The Blue Collar Success Group… YOU SHOULD!”
CPI Plumbing & Heating
“The Blue Collar Success Group is a great option for any business that is looking for help with training. They do a great job, very helpful and are passionate about helping businesses succeed!”
Tony Blanca
“Always fabulous content as it pertains to running our business as well as getting personal development. Just a great team of individuals who really care about making ourselves and our business better. Thank you.”
Joe Gerolami