Todd Longbrake



About Todd Longbrake:

Todd started his career in 1990 by serving as an Ammunitions Technician in the United States Marine Corps. After being deployed to Iraq for Operation Desert Storm, he finished his military service based in Okinawa, Japan, and Twentynine Palms, California. In 1994, Todd transitioned to civilian life, where he worked in the service industry holding numerous positions, including installer, sales consultant, field supervisor, sales manager, product manager, director of training, and business owner. For the past 30 years, Todd constantly improved himself and the teams he served through his talent for developing, training, and motivating everyone he works with to reach their highest potential. As an industry leader in residential HVAC construction, he has developed systems for driving powerful sales strategies, exceeding monthly quotas, and building relationships with customers for generating repeat business and grassroots marketing.

Todd stepped into a leadership role in 2010 as owner and president of his own business, first honing his ability to train team members and develop business growth systems. Since then, he’s moved to larger companies continuing his leadership role in building customer relations and leveraging positive consumer experiences for profitable repeat business. As both a sales and product manager, Todd sparked massive growth with his effective methods and interpersonal skills, resulting in increased sales of 203% in his division and a 322% growth in new HVAC partner businesses in just 16 months.

With Todd’s repeated success in the industry, he moved into a position to lead team members to achieve their dreams of profit gain and better business branding. His practical experience and success led him to step up as a marketing sales leader dedicated to long-term customer satisfaction. His attention shifted to teaching others about how he succeeded in the industry and guiding others toward finding their path forward.

After finding joy and success in helping others step into their potential, Todd decided to apply these same concepts of customer retention and practical training to the in-home service industry at large by joining the Blue Collar Success Group as a trainer. He is excited to get up every day and help others like him to maximize their company’s potential and relationship with customers. Todd wants to share his experience in building teams and developing systems for consumer relations and is looking forward to working with others to build a strong company brand with a stellar team to support it.

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