Larry Swafford


Relationship Consultant & Trainer

About Larry Swafford:

Larry has been a leader in the Blue Collar Industry since 1987 when he entered the service industry with ARS Service Express after serving in the United States Air Force. In his 18 years with ARS, he served as an Owner Operator and Sales & Operations Manager before stepping into the leading role of General Manager. It was here that, in 2004 alone, he increased revenue to $5.9 million and won awards for the highest profit percentage in the HVAC division, Best Safety Team Award, and the Greatest Internal Growth as he facilitated a team of 35 employees. Since then, he’s served various companies as a general manager, president/owner, and Vice President of Operations, where he led a team of 180 members across two states, taking them to greater levels of measurable success.

Over the past 30 years, Larry has developed his leadership skills and realized how much he enjoyed the coaching aspect of leading. He recognized in this time how vital building a positive culture, changing team member mindsets, and focusing on internal growth to the overall success of a business is. He’s honed this knowledge by working for and owning several small companies, building them up to a respectable size and revenue, and then consolidating or selling them to larger companies for greater profits. In his latest venture, Larry leveraged this knowledge and skill-set, formed by working in every position in the service industries over many years, and worked as Director of Implementation for a business coaching organization, where he served as a business coach and mentor for several hundred companies.

From his start serving in the Air Force, Larry was taught to focus on results and leadership, and he learned this comes from knowledge of how each cog in the team works, how to motivate each member to contribute fully, and how to maximize internal growth for external success. He’s led through example and inspired teams from small to large with hundreds of businesses of every size and type. It’s the depth of knowledge, experience, and proven, repeated results that makes him such an impactful leadership coach.

As a recognized expert in the Home Service Business, he’s often approached by other leaders to help their teams reach their full potential. He loves to help others and has enjoyed it for the past three years, but when he saw the work being done with The Blue Collar Success Group, he knew he could reach and change the lives of more people and businesses than ever before. He’s joined the team as a salesperson and coach, reaching out to leaders and connecting them with the coaching and mentor services offered by the team at Blue Collar. He’s excited about the chance to help change mindsets and promote internal growth in all leaders, teams, and companies.

Larry has earned a Florida Certified Air Conditioning Contractor license, a Tennessee Certified Mechanical license, and a Missouri Plumbing license to stay current with the best practices of the modern-day.

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