Jim Cosmas



About Jim Cosmas:

Jim began his leadership career in 2001 as a General Manager for an HVAC company in New Jersey overseeing the development of company goals, targets, strategic plans, and business development. In doing so, he discovered joy and purpose in helping grow, train, and lead companies to better profit and customer retention. Since then, he’s stayed in leadership in various positions, including general manager, sales and marketing manager, trainer, division manager, and eventually president of different companies in the HVAC and mechanical service field. Over his 30 years in the field, Jim developed his systems for delivering sustained revenue and profit in the industry and building an extensive knowledge of strategic market planning and business growth processes.

In Jim’s leadership roles over the years, he’s stepped up to leadership in his ability to train and maintain positive, efficient working relationships with his team members and creating effective marketing plans in both the in-home and business to business spaces. With every job, he’s taken on more responsibility and shown he can handle it. In his latest job as president of a large roofing company, he had full oversight of the company, including inventory management, training of all systems, and developing powerful marketing strategies for gaining clients and increasing revenue.

More than this, Jim realized his love of helping leaders build their own systems for better profit and successful marketing and hiring and training effective leaders in their own businesses. As someone who’s worked in a number of leadership roles, Jim knows how to make businesses work positively from the ground up. It’s this knowledge and established procedures that he brings to his clients when coaching them in how to be better leaders themselves. With Jim’s success in business well-known in the field, he’s often asked by others to share his secrets. As part of helping other leaders, he realized his discoveries are of great value to others.

He joined Blue Collar Success Group as a Trainer to help others find methods to lead effectively and market their company’s purpose to in-home service industries and business to business sales. He realizes how complicated leadership is and loves to help others find their own path to success.

Jim is holdsa number of certifications; NATE Certified, CIAQS (Certified Indoor Air Quality Specialist), CMA (Certified Mold Assessor), CMR (Certified Mold Remediator), CWIS (Certified Water Intrusion Specialist), CHI (Certified Home Inspector), CGC (Certified Green Contractor), Member - ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors Association), Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Certified NLP Practitioner, and Member - National Association of Broadcasters.

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