Denise Swafford


Business Coach & Trainer

About Denise Swafford:

A recognized expert in the in home services industry, Denise Swafford began her career in the trenches of the Call Center, answering the phone for her father’s HVAC business. Eventually becoming an owner in that business and took the helm as the General Manager. Through her leadership and guidance, this business was eventually sold in one of the first rounds of public consolidation of the Home Services Industry.

After selling her business, she stayed on with the company and served as a Regional Sales Manager for one of the largest home services companies in North America, where she was responsible for over $55 million dollars in revenue. During this time, she was involved in every aspect of the sales process, from marketing, booking the lead, running the lead, to the step-by-step processes of installation.

Denise was also selected to serve as a Six Sigma Black with the first in home service company to ever launch the Six Sigma methodology into a service industry. Her first project alone yielded a return over $12.0 millions in incremental revenue.

During her career, Denise has worked with thousands of business owners to improve their business operations. She has served as a Director of Training and built cutting edge life changing training events, where she has personally taught thousands of front employees how to improve their communication and leadership skills.

Through her years of working with call center operations, she has mastered inbound and outbound process and procedures, as well as the intricacies of dispatching for profits. She was instrumental in putting together two national call center operations as well as taught thousands of CSRs across North America the techniques and skills required to be a successful CSR.

She has also served as Vice President of Franchise Operations for one of the nation’s largest HVAC, plumbing, and electrical brands. Where she oversaw the day to day operations of coaching, training, and new product development. It was during this time, Denise really honed her skills at brand development, scalability, and growth.

She has been a business coach and mentor for thousands of business owners across the world of sizes and industries and guided them through call center, dispatch, operational, sales, and financial business decisions on a daily basis. Her groundbreaking thought process has also led to the development of cutting-edge products and services that are used by contractors all across the nation today.

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