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Who We Are

Kenny Chapman founded the Blue Collar Success Group based on providing what was lacking in the in-home service industry. As the owner of a multi-million dollar PHC company in Colorado and award-winning industry trainer, he knew something was missing. Kenny heard it from peers and felt it himself; tech training was lacking consistency and retention, onsite consulting was falling flat, and there was nowhere for business owners and leaders to go for truly personalized, in-depth focus on their business.

So, the Blue Collar Success Group was born, starting out as the source of the industry’s first online technician sales training video library (now the core of the Essential Club membership). Shortly thereafter, an innovative approach to onsite coaching was added which included virtual follow-up sessions, and then live tech training schools were added and web-based schools were offered based on demand. Additionally, when Kenny realized he was connecting his clients with other clients that he knew could help each other, the concept of a unique mastermind-style group comprised of only progressive, high-level owners emerged that has grown into today’s thriving Titanium Club.

Fast forward to the present-day Blue Collar Success Group…Kenny’s vision to fill a gap in the industry has come to fruition and yet is still evolving based on the changing needs of in-home service providers. With the addition of expert coaches, multiple membership levels based on individual needs, and training/development solutions for improving every aspect of an in-home service company, the Group is a resource for business owners to find the support and answers they were once lacking. It’s become a place for them to discover solutions for their specific challenges, connect with like-minded peers, receive the highest quality training available, and overall improve their quality of life. Kenny remains very involved with The BCSG, still recording tech training videos himself, coaching Titanium members, and speaking at events…but now he has a dedicated team to help him fulfill his vision and continue to help take the in-home service industry to the next level, one company at a time.

What We Do

We are the premier training and business development organization for the in-home service industry in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Regardless of your size, budget, or goals, we have the tools and solutions that will help you reach (and exceed) your goals. Whether you simply want to add another truck or strive to be the biggest in-home service business in the country, we can help make that happen (one of those goals might require a bit more time than the other, but you get the point). Here’s a little more about us:

  • We help you build a company that serves your life. If your business is currently running you, it’s time to put it in its place! If you feel like a hamster on a wheel, going nonstop and never getting anywhere, we can help you (safely) jump out of the wheel and back into strategically running your business.
  • We offer four customizable coaching groups, live and online events, and web-based training for every aspect of your company. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach because every business is different. You wouldn’t want the doctor prescribing cold medication for your broken wrist; it wouldn’t help your situation…you don’t want a coaching organization recommending things that won’t work for you, either. We know what’s effective because all of our certified coaches and trainers have been in your shoes and have actually done what they recommend.
  • We bring people together who are on the same level; not necessarily in company size, but in mindset and level of understanding. You’ve probably heard the saying: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, it’s time to find a different room”…well, that’s why we protect who is allowed into our Titanium Club…we’ve got that different room for you.
  • We provide cutting-edge resources and valuable connections so you don’t waste time doing it alone. You don’t have time to follow Google’s every move or constantly research the latest recruiting tactics; that’s what we’re here for. Between our members, partners and The BCSG team, you’ll never be left in the dark.
  • We have fun. It can’t be all work all the time! It’s a balance and we can help you find that balance, too.
  • Have you ever heard of “Blow your mind ROI”? That’s because we might’ve made up the phrase, but it’s our goal with everything we offer. Every single thing we do is backed by a 100% more-than-satisfaction guarantee. Pretty sure your investment broker can’t compete with that.
  • Our events are impactful, the processes are proven, and the results are real. From tech training classes to intensive one-on-one leadership coaching, to our Titanium-Exclusive Acceleration Days events, we’ve got you covered on every level. After you and/or your team members attend one of our events, you will only wish you had found us sooner.

Are you thinking of selling or closing your home service company? Hold on!

We can help you. Implementing our proven strategies and joining a community of like-minded business owners as yourself may be exactly what you need before you decide to throw in the towel.

Who We Serve

Our clients and members are progressive in-home service contractors who understand life and business are much better when they aren’t trying to figure things out alone. They desire growth, and:

  • Value a sharing, supportive community that knows what it takes to thrive in the in-home service industry.
  • Are open-minded and know their way might not be the best way.
  • Are committed to self-development, team development, and implementation.
  • Are willing to strategically invest in the future of their companies.
  • Understand that technology is changing so fast it will make your head spin, and if you aren’t up on things, your competitors will quickly convince your clients to do business with them instead.
  • Are driven by the desire to provide a great life for their family and team members.
  • Love (or at least like) what they do…but don’t always like how they’re doing it.
  • Don’t take themselves too seriously, can let go of ego and be honest about struggles in order to find solutions.
  • Value quality over quantity. Their time is important and would rather go to one event with huge takeaways than five events just for the sake of feeling productive.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, we're ready to help.

We can assist you with everything from business coaching programs to field manager training to creating a business plan to increase sales.

At The Blue Collar Success Group, your success is our success.