6 Electrician Business Ideas To Skyrocket Your Business

how to grow a small electrical business - electrician business ideasEveryone will need electrician services at some point in their life. This means there’s a lot of room to find success within your own electrician business. But how can you take your business from a few jobs here and there to a majorly successful enterprise? Whether you’re just starting out or looking to give your business a jump, take a look at these electrician business ideas to skyrocket your business to the next level.



6 Electrician Business Ideas To Skyrocket Your Business

Invest in Marketing and BrandingMarketing - Electrician Business ideas

Don’t let someone else get hired for your job because a client hasn’t heard of you. A solid marketing strategy is key to running a successful business. A memorable logo is a great place to start but developing your website and adding relevant content can be another great way to boost attention. Marketing comes in many different shapes and sizes – find out what kind of advertising attracts the clients you’re looking for and then find a way to make your company stand out. For ideas on how to market an electrical contracting business, click here.


Pay Attention to Industry Changes and Trends

Do your research and keep your ears open to new technology or techniques in the electrical world. Attending trade shows can be a great way to keep attuned to these advancements. Having a new tool or a more efficient method can make a major difference in time and money spent, and even overall quality of the job done. Make sure you have people on your team who are trained in the newest techniques and trends. Be ready to offer those options and know how to answer questions about them.

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Listen to your clientsclients

Following up with your clients is a great way both build trust and give you opportunities to grow as a company. Have a standard practice in place to give each client a follow up call or send out a survey. Ask your clients what worked and what you can do better. Ask them if there are any services they might be interested in so you can note these opportunities for the future. Offering incentives to your clients for referrals or bundled services can be a great way to strengthen your relationship with current clients and bring in new ones!

Good online customer reviews can propel your business. Be sure to interact with your reviews in a professional way. Respond to negative reviews politely by having them contact you to discuss the issue. Thank your positive reviewers. Show people that you are a business that cares.


Develop Relationships With Everyone 

Relationships are the foundation of every business, but this is particularly true in a service-based business. An electrician is something everyone will need at some point in their life. Make yourself known to your clients, vendors you work with, and other service providers. Get to know clients on a personal level. Asking about their family or their favorite sports team is a great way to build trust and develop relationships. Word of mouth is the best way to get business as an electrician and you want to be the first name mentioned when one of your contacts is asked for an electrician referral. 


Keep Your Staff Engaged and Motivatedteamwork

Your employees are often the face of your company. If your team feels happy, cared for, well-respected, and well-trained, it’s going to show in their work and when they meet with clients. Maintaining effective communication with your team on all levels is also vital to success in both the long and short term. Employees can help keep you aware of trends clients are interested in or potential issues with clients. They can also alert you to growth opportunities internally or externally. 


Outsource When Necessary

Just because you’re the business owner and a star electrician, doesn’t mean you have to be the best at everything. Trying to juggle too much can cause you to lose control over your business. If hiring a huge team to cover every aspect of your business doesn’t work for you, consider outsourcing in some areas. Marketing, sales training, and accounting are all important areas to a business that can easily be handled by an outside team. By hiring experts in a field you might not be as comfortable in, you’ll know your business is getting what it deserves while you can focus on serving your customers.


Follow these tips to help you boost your services and skyrocket your electrician business beyond the success of your competitors.


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